Welcome 2020 and Thank You


A very happy new year to all our members, and on behalf of the Society we would like to thank all those businesses in Wanstead, their staff and suppliers that stayed open throughout the festive period.

We have a fantastic High Street full of shops, bars and restaurants. They stay open so we can enjoy our Christmas period. So from all of us, to all of the businesses in Wanstead – thank you.

1 thought on “Welcome 2020 and Thank You”

  1. Has anyone seen the plans for the proposed HUB in Wanstead?

    It appears it will take over the library area and include lots of services which normally happen in Ilford.

    With all the organisations involved in being represented at the Hub, it will have to be very big and also need the car park – not everyone can easily walk there (which is what is being promoted as the reason for organising the Hubs throughout Redbridge. We need to see the plans for this.


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