Wanstead Society and the Evergreen Field: Our Statement of Intent

Everybody's Evergreen logoThe Wanstead Society will attempt to raise funds to purchase and, if possible, renovate the Evergreen Field within Wanstead High Street with the aim of providing a community space for all.

The society has 5 aims should it own the land. These are:

  • Purchase the land from the owner(s);
  • Make good the land ready for public use through the removal of the redundant air raid shelter in the fields north western corner and any rubble throughout the site;
  • Make flat the land, top soil and seed the area;
  • Explore the possibility of installing native tree, flower and bee friendly species at appropriate locations;
  • Remove the chain link fence and open the site for public access.

The Society remains opposed to the development of the site for the purposes of constructing a building and committed to a safe, open and green area that is free to use for the community.

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