Wanstead Parking Consultation – Your chance to vote

The Park 4much vaulted “gold standard” parking consultation is out to residents to make their views known. Thanks to the Wanstead Society and other community groups and residents we know have a chance to make our views known.

The Council had no plans to consult the public over this proposals until we lobbied for our right to be heard. Chairman of the Society, Scott Wilding, said:

Some residents will want parking restrictions while others do not. What ever your own view, its only right that the Council at least consult and that’s what we have now. Please make your voice known. No vote. No voice”

Parking consultations have gone out to all effected roads an in early April we put out another letter to residents showing them how to complete the consultation.

If you have not received your consultation please pick up a pack in Wanstead Library or e-mail: Cllr.howard@Redbridge.gov.uk

2 thoughts on “Wanstead Parking Consultation – Your chance to vote”

  1. I think it is a good idea am am sick of people parking outside of my drive I sometimes can not get my car out of the gate

  2. When someone park outside your driveway you can call Redbridge council to issue them a penalty ticket providing that they parked on dropped curb. Parking restrictions will affect many businesses, because people will not want to stop for long to do shopping, they will prefer to drive up to big superstores where parking is free. I used to attend regular work meetings in Wanstead and then we all used to go to the local coffee shop or restaurant for a lunch break. I could even do small shopping at the local shop. Now we cannot do that, because we need to watch our tickets! If you live nearby and voted for parking restrictions, you may soon regret it when you see that small businesses collapsing. Unless of course you never go out or don’t care about how area where you live look like…


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