Volunteer needed – with wall building experience

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The Corner House garden

In front of the newly exposed wall, the earth slopes down. We would like a retaining wall to be built to form a bank so that the soil is at two levels. The upper level can be used to accommodate the climbing roses and have trailing plants falling over it to the lower level. The lower level would be on a par with the rest of that large bed.

We have Yorkstone slabs, but we don’t have anyone in our band of volunteers who has the skill to build such a wall. If there is anybody out there who would enjoy such a project, we would be very happy to hear from them. Please contact the editor at 21 Gloucester Road or leave a comment below and we'll get in touch.

We are always happy to have volunteers to help with the garden (no expertise needed). Please leave a comment below if you'd like to help out.

3 thoughts on “Volunteer needed – with wall building experience”

  1. I have a large stone fountain which I no longer need and wondered if you would like it for the Corner House garden
    If you would like to view it please let me know
    I am in Draycot Road
    Also I have a home mulit gjm and some other gym equipment which I do not need
    Do you know of any youth centre or something simular that might want them

  2. Corner house helpers recruited for working party at the Corner house garden from networking the event at the yoga classes run by Katriye a Wanstead Society member/ Treasurer & new tree project organiser.Information of trees planted so far on our website.

  3. Wanstead Society Art Trail 2010.
    Do you know of any local artists who would like to display their work in our shops around the high st?
    We will be producing art trail map & advertising the event.
    Watch out for updates via our newsletter,website,& local press. Katriye


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