This is what we are fighting against – this is why we exist!

Our partners at Living Streets, formally the Pedestrian Association, have undertaken an audit in a section of Ilford called the Commonwealth Estate with the aim of  promoting how it could be improved. Reading their report is a very sad experience. Ilford, with its once beautiful double fronted Victorian homes, has been destroyed over the last half century.

Parking in front gardens has lead to the removal of any green or pleasant frontages, pavements are cracked, there are no street trees and the rise of rented accommodation and absentee landlords who turn large homes into small flats has left the area scarred and barren, void of its once pleasant street scene.

This is what we are fighting against, and why the Society exists. Without the Society keeping an eagle eye on what developers are doing, it could all so easily happen to us!

The Society campaigns for good quality, and sympathetic development that seek to preserve and enhance our community. We lobby the Council for good quality public realm improvements, such a better lights and paving, and seek to aid developers and businesses with advice on how best to renovate our historic buildings.

Don’t let this happen to Wanstead. Join the Society and help support us protect our community. Wanstead is worth keeping.

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  1. Hi Wanstonian. I’d like to respond to your mctmenos.1) Jennings Bet was not chased out of the High Street by anybody. How would that even be possible?2) The look of the high street benefits everyone in the long run, including the businesses themselves. Shops like the British Heart Foundation and other chains will modify their designs when asked to by the local authority. It happens in other conservation areas around the country, which is why people flock to those high streets. It actually makes their economies stronger and attracts more businesses.As residents of Wanstead, we are entitled to do what we can to protect its character it’s unique character is one of the main reasons people move here.


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