The Evergreen Field – under renewed threat of development

You may or may not be aware of a patch of green called the Evergreen Field; this is the fallow piece of land between Christchurch Green and the Wanstead Village Dental & Health Centre on the High Street.

In fact, the Evergreen Field was the reason that the Wanstead Society came into being 15 years ago, as concerned residents campaigned against the development of housing on this site after it was sold by the Metropolitan Police to Furlong Homes (now a subsidiary of Gladedale Estates).

The Evergreen Field is back on our radar again as in May 2012 it was sold on to another developer, Dalco Development Ltd, for the sum of £200,000.

As part of the terms of the sale Gladedale have added a restrictive clause stating that Dalco can do nothing on the site without the express permission of Gladedale. This means that Gladedale retain a financial interest should the market value of the site be raised by, say, obtaining planning permission… why do both these organisations now think that there may be a chance of development of this site?

Rest assured the Wanstead Society will be watching this case closely – we were successful in our campaign 15 years ago, and we will be poised to fight again, if necessary, to keep this space green.


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