The Corner House Mystery Man


We wonder how many of you have noticed the figure, somewhat reminiscent of an Oxford gargoyle, perched on the gable of the porch roof of the Grove Park entrance of the Corner House. 

The porch roof seemed to take an inordinately long time to finish during the renovation. The reason for the delay was the making of this ceramic figure of a man holding his head in his hands, with something obviously on his mind!

The potter is Ted Harris, father of Jason Harris of Orient Design, the firm of architects who now own the Corner House.  The house is already so full of delightful bits of quirkery and now we’ve got an extra piece.

Apparently Jason took a ridge tile to his father and asked him if he would make a figure to sit atop the ridge. There was no discussion (trust indeed!) and eventually the figure came back and was duly cemented on the porch roof. Ted Harris took up pottery after his retirement and Wanstead residents are the beneficiaries.

We’d like to give this fellow a name and would welcome any suggestions.

DSC_0455-WEB (close)

2 thoughts on “The Corner House Mystery Man”

  1. Older residents may remember that the Corner House was occupied many years ago, perhaps appropriately, by Dr Corner and he also practised from the house. He was a charming and kindly man. I am hesitant to suggest that a gargoyle be named after him but I offer ‘Edward’ (his christian name) as a possibility.

  2. I really like this idea. Dr. Corner is always spoken of with great affection so it would seem to be appropriate. I wonder though whether he’d mind having a gargoyl who seems to have a headache named after him? Marian Temple.


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