Sunday Farmer’s Market – For or Against?

Most of us agree that the monthly Sunday market creates a buzz and brings people to Wanstead, but what’s it doing to our regular shopkeepers?

If it’s denting their trade, they’re keeping mum… But how can it not affect them when staples like meat, cheese, eggs, bread, cakes, sauces and pickles are bought from the stalls? Surely that must affect the shops’ takings.

“If the market benefits the coffee shops, I wouldn’t oppose it,” says Nish of Londis stoutly. But if the shopkeepers themselves are prepared to keep a stiff upper lip, some of us who live here are more outspoken.

“We want our shops to survive because they’re here for us all week, not just once a month like market people,” one worried resident said. “If the Sunday traders brought us things we can no longer get since Dunhams the drapers, Andrews the builders’ merchants, Zone the household shop and, of course, Woollies closed, well then we would welcome them with open arms.”

Such things as? Easy: those little usefuls like socks and slippers, bras and knickers, baby clothes and bath mats, tea cloths and tin openers, screws and screwdrivers, pillowslips and pinafores, tee-shirts and tights.

We could go on – but what’s your view?

7 thoughts on “Sunday Farmer’s Market – For or Against?”

  1. The fruit and veg stall with the guy shouting out definitely ruins the whole atmosphere and balance of the farmers market makes it very downmarket completely out of cinque with what’s going on —

  2. I think the market brings people out and therefore the ships and the market benefit but of course I’m sure the shops could say as they have three sundays to review and compare each month. Certainly more variety would be great. I think it generally gives a bit of a change and vibrancy to the high street which as we all know otherwise struggles in these days of internet dominance

  3. I think the market is a good thing and it defeintly brings alot more people to the high street which must bring more trade to both traders all round.


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