Snaresbrook Pond Gets a Spring Clean

Eagle ponds cleanOn 8th June a group of local volunteers along with the City of London helped give Snaresbrook Pond and its surrounding area a spring clean and litter pick. It was a great success with over 20 people contributing to the day. A massive thank you to the City of London who provided the waders andEagle ponds clean 2 boats, and to the Council who along with us and local residents lobbied long and hard for this.

We are planning another clean up day in the autumn to remove yet more plastics and dangerous waste which is a hazard to wildlife. However, this is just a sticking plaster and what really needs to happen is mass behaviour change by all of us. The top tips are:

  1. 1) Just take litter home with you if you cant find a bin
  2. 2) Don’t feed the ducks bread. We know that we have been doing it for years, but its actually harmful to them and to other wildlife
  3. 3) Every time you pass, pick up just one piece of plastic litter and pop it in a bin.

Small things make a massive difference, and we can all make a small changes to help our environment.


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