Shipping Container Kiosk: Council Approves Own Planning Application – ignore 192 objections

Redbridge Councils Vision Department, which is responsible for parks, has propsoed to install a shipping container kiosk in Christ Church Green. The   kiosk, which is made from a metallic shipping container and clad in wood is due to be installed in autumn 2021. However, over 192 people have objected to the scheme including the society. Our objection is based on the fact that the design neither “protects or enhances” the Wanstead Village Conservation area. It therefore goes against the Councils own planning guidance.

A well designed café kiosk could be an asset to the community. However, there also remains the issue of a Council run facility removing business from our bustling High Street businesses. In addition, with Vision £1 million in debt and Redbridge having to save £9 million in 20201/2 alone – how can this be affordable? The true cost of the scheme has ranged from “up to £2million” to ” up o £100,000″. We hope there will be a rethink on the design and that a better one can be proposed.

On Friday 27th August 2021 the Council ignored our request to pause and rethink this design and approved the kiosk anyway.

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