Save our Suburbs

The Wanstead Society issos launch working with local Ward Councillors to oppose a plan that would see a quadrupling of dwellings allowed on a site in the Woodford to Wanstead area.

 The plan, which is proposed as part of the new Local Development Framework (LDF) proposals, would see developers able to squeeze 4 homes onto a site that would currently only allow one. It would also mean higher rise buildings with the potential to look totally out of character with the surrounding area. As Redbridge has to build more new homes every site, including Green Belt is under consideration. We think that greater consideration should be given to brown field sites in the Ilford area along the new Crossrail route. This is where population growth is expected to take place.

 The consultation is due to go live this autumn and we will keep you updated. In the mean-time please let your views by known by e-mailing and visit to find out more

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