Save our Hospital Campaign

Due to the Governments spending review, and subsequent budget cuts, the blood testing and out patients facilities at Wanstead Hospital are under threat.

NHS plans would see the community hospital close completely and blood testing facilities be moved to Loughton.

With King Georges Hospital in Goodmayes alos under threat of closure, the entire Borough of Redbridge could be left without a fully working hospital.

The Wanstead Society has joined forces with the Counties Residents Association to campaign, as one, for the protection of all our NHS facilities. Many elderly and disabled residents use Wanstead Hospital and should it close, they would be forced to travel to Loughton. In addition, the closure of the facility would result in a greater increase in traffic congestion as residents are forced to make a longer journey.

The Wanstead Society and Counties Residents Association urge any member to write to their MP, Councillor or the newspapers and spread the word.

Our community hospital is under threat – lets fight to keep it!

3 thoughts on “Save our Hospital Campaign”

  1. during a recent visit to the blood test centre I was struck by the amount of people in their seventies and much older,how they are suppose to get to Loughton and may be further when the facility closes…the more decisions the council makes the more I am astonished.Take heart however because I am sure that the councilors who make these plans are more than ready to transport these elderly patient to a blood test centre themselves


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