Rise of the rats – but where are the bins?

The Wanstead Society has been campaigning for the installation of more bins, with lids, on Christchurch Green.

Sadly we have not been getting very far, as observed by some of our eagle-eyed members who have sent in these photos of Christchurch Green taken on a Monday morning following a sunny weekend. As you can see, it’s not the prettiest of sights.

Now, we have to be fair – if some people weren’t so irresponsible with their litter there would be less of a rat/fox problem in Wanstead. So it’s not just a Council issue, it’s a Wanstead problem that we all must take control of.

However as can be seen, a few more bins, with lids, in the park wouldn’t go amiss… so if your listening Redbridge, please help!

1 thought on “Rise of the rats – but where are the bins?”

  1. It seems garbage is still a big problem in Wanstead. It really is such a shame, Litter bugs should be named and shamed/fined. Lets hope Council can provide better bins soon


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