Riots hit Wanstead and South Woodford

It would seem that the mindless violence and destruction that has been sweeping the country also got to Wanstead. The clothes shop CoCo in the High Street had its windows smashed and, we think, stock taken.

In George Lane in South Woodford extensive damage was done to a jewellers.

The Wanstead Society, like any civilised bunch of people, does not condone the wanton violence and destruction that has taken place. Do these thugs not realise they are hurting hard pressed businesses and ordinary people just trying to earn a living? Obviously not.

It’s so sad that this behaviour has come to Wanstead, and we hope that it will never return. But what we must hope for in the days and weeks to come is that the thieves who caused this damage, wherever and whoever they are, are caught and jailed.

However, any plans the government has to close stations or reduce staff, either in Wanstead or in the country at large, can now be seen as reckless, irresponsible and neglectful in their duty to protect innocent citizens and ordinary neighbourhoods.

Therefore, in light of the appalling actions of this week the Wanstead Society once again calls upon the Metropolitan Police to give us an assurance that Wanstead Police Station will remain open – and staffed – permanently and we would call on the government to reverse any decision to reduce policing, or the policing budget.

Fewer stations and fewer officers mean more crime. It’s that simple.

Save our stations, save our force!

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