Councillor Burgess

Councillor Allan Burgess has died and the whole of Wanstead has lost a Council representative who took an energetic interest in every aspect of the neighbourhood's wellbeing. Councillor for Wanstead Ward, Allan was a regular attendee at Wanstead Society Committee meetings. We shall sorely miss the energy and know-how with which he pursued issues we … Read more

Wanstead Police Station

The station is now open from 7.00am-11.00pm Monday to Friday, 10.00am-6.00pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday. The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) has announced that it will undertake a new appraisal of all the police stations in their area. One weakness in keeping Wanstead police station is that the police authorities keep saying that it … Read more

Tesco comes to town

So Tesco is after Woolworth’s old premises – where they plan one of their Tesco Express stores. Does the thought fill you with pleasure? Or with concern, perhaps that our smaller shops will suffer and eventually become empty? It is said there is nothing can be done to stop Tesco and maybe you feel “okay, … Read more

Stephen Alsop

The WS joins with its many members who've expressed sadness at the recent death of Steve Alsop, our High Street butcher. Steve will be much missed by hundreds of Wansteadians. His shop – still known as Dennis the Butcher after its former owner with whom Steve trained – will continue to serve us in the … Read more

Plans available online

Redbridge now makes all planning applications available on its website. That means we can view plans without having to visit the library. You will need the application reference number (from the weekly list, found here). Type it into the search facility and you’ll find all the relevant documentation.