Clean up of the Eagle Pond

This momentous event happens on Sunday 29th March, 11.00 – 3.00.

Time to splat those plastic bags and general gunk which spoil this lovely stretch of water.

Two Corporation of London Forest constables will be there complete with boat and eight sets of waders. The foot soldiers (us, Joe Public and Eagle Pond fans) are invited to attend with enthusiasm and wellie boots. Gloves and litter picking grabbers will be provided. Children with accompanying adults, very welcome.

Could be fun!

Grove Estate update

It's hold-your-breath time for the old Grove Estate1.

At a meeting on 19th February, both Area 1 Committee and CAP (Redbridge's Conservation Advisory Panel), strongly recommended that Grove Park, The Avenue and the whole of the Counties Estate should be included in the area designated for Conservation status. Both opposed the sub-division of the estate as presently suggested.

The consultants accepted the logic of CAP's and Area 1 Committee's view and the crucial decision now lies with our Council planners (Cabinet Member for Planning: Cllr. Peter Goody).

All Wanstead waits in suspense. It is recognised that the area is vulnerable. If exploited, it could radically change our town.

1. The old Grove Estate area, which lies behind the High Street between Grosvenor Road and The Avenue down to Buckingham Road near the Roding, is unspoiled – so far. We think it is a pleasant area which contributes greatly to Wanstead's general charm and character. That's why the Wanstead Society, alongside The Counties Residents Association, has been pressing the Council to protect it by means of conservation measures so that it remains attractive into the future.

Victorian charm

Those early Victorian shops in our High Street – you know, nos. 46 and 48, The Chocolate Shop Chocolate-shopand what until recently was a little fashion boutique. Well, their top floor needed attention – not surprising at their age – and permission was granted to renovate it so long as the building would be returned “as was”.

Work is now under way – and all Wanstead will be watching. Those little shops are pretty to look at and a significant reminder of Wanstead’s picturesque past.

We look forward to their presence for many more years.

Leicester Road & Nutter Lane development


You know that leafy corner of Leicester Road at the bottom of The Avenue where it meets the Nutter Playing fields where Mrs Lironi’s house, Chepstow once was?  Well, look at Plans no. 3398/08 (online or in the library) and see the three blocks of flats and the houses likely to replace it forever.

It’s a scheme which appears to overshadow the Nutter Lane Arts and Crafts cottages and which faces The Avenue with an area for car-parking. It seems a sorry end for a grove where once an attractive landmark building stood and we still worry about losing some of the trees.

Leicester-developmentThe Wanstead Society contends that the scheme does not fit the setting or accord with the surrounds.

If you have objections, write them to Mrs. Anna van Overbeke, Planning Dept., P.O.BOX 2, Town Hall, Ilford, IG1 1DD.

Protection for the Grove Estate – show your support

In the balance – protection from unsuitable development for the old Grove Estate at the centre of Wanstead. 

This area – behind the High Street down to Buckingham Road near the Roding, is the old Grove Estate. Along with the Counties Residents Association, the Wanstead Society has been pressing the Council to protect this area by means of conservation measures so that it remains unspoiled into the future.

On February 19th our Councillors will debate the report submitted by consultants who have studied the proposition.

Keeping this central area attractive is crucial to all of Wanstead. We have seen in nearby South Woodford how totally an environment can be wrecked by ill-considered building.

Councils do not gladly take on conservation areas – they cost time and money to monitor. But Wanstead is worth fighting for. Thus a good attendance at the Area 1 Committee meeting on would show how much Wanstead's residents want the place looked after.

The meeting starts at 7.15pm at Wanstead Church School, on Thursday 19th February. We hope to see you there.