Nowhere to store your bike? Help is at hand

As part of the Biking Boroughs project, London Borough of Redbridge is inviting residents to apply for a free bike storage unit for their home.

This TfL funded initiative provides people with the facilities they need to make more local journeys by bike – and with lack of safe and convenient storage cited as an obstacle to bike-use, we hope this scheme will make a real difference to cyclists in the Wanstead and South Woodford area.

For further information and to apply, contact

2 thoughts on “Nowhere to store your bike? Help is at hand”

  1. I am applying for this bike storage unit in order to keep my families bike secure and protected from the elements.

    I have previously kept my sons bikes under tarpaulin in both my front yard and back garden, but we have had bikes stolen from both locations, even though they had bike locks on.

    My sons and I love riding our bikes together and it would mean a great deal if we could keep our bikes secure and easily accessible so we can get out and ride more.


  2. Hi. My tenant who is a nurse has asked if there is somewhere to store a bike if she buys one. Unfortunately there isn’t. Is there anything in the borough for bike store? Unfortunately there is no space or garden in my lease to put a store.


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