New consultations on High Street and Christ Church Wanstead

Two new important consultations are taking place in Wanstead over the future of the High Street and of Christ Church Wanstead.

Firstly, Redbridge Council is asking for your views on the sate of all High Streets in the Borough and this is our opportunity to get our views known. The consultation is:

Secondly, the Church is carrying out an exercise on how Christ Church in Wanstead should operate in the future so please see here to have your say:

3 thoughts on “New consultations on High Street and Christ Church Wanstead”

  1. Heritage funding needs to incorporate buying the evergreen field, and expanding Christchurch green.
    Create a forest garden for the children, families, and the growing number of people visiting and community.
    Covenant states that this magnificent Wren designed church needs to be visible from the high street. This would improve accessibility and be more prominent on the street scene.

  2. New Tree planted on Wanstead High street outside Gails for the Society’s 25th anniversary!

    This tree will be added to the Queens canopy initiative. ??

  3. Give our tree a drink if you’re passing! Scan the QR code on the label attached & adopt watering please. Crucial for its survival! ?


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