High Street flower beds to get a makeover

Flowerbeds AIB - 08112009 001 You may have noticed these two raised flower beds outside the Allied Irish Bank, they've been looking rather sad for some time and were due for a refit by the council in October. 

But they won't be looking sad for much longer.  An eagle-eyed Wanstead Society member noticed some beautifully planted raised flower beds in Orford Road, Walthamstow; it seems that the street flower beds have been taken over by the community and there are plant people there who really know their stuff.

So that gave us an idea, we think we can do something similar and make a really good job of it.  The council are quite happy for the Wanstead Society to take over those two beds and have cancelled the proposed planting of shrubs.  We'll be getting a working party together to get rid of some dead and tired looking shrubs, liven up the compost and plant a selection of really interesting stuff with shape and foliage colour.  Watch this space for dates, volunteers are always welcome to muck in. 

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    Access to Nightingale Lane and Grosvenor Road is already made hazardous for pedestrians by double parking outside the banks and frequent U-turns from off the High Street. This spot is an accident waiting to happen.
    Some further points…
    Don’t forget that Tesco’s store in Woodford Avenue was found guilty of altering the sell by date on out of date food. You may also find that if one has a complaint Customer Services are less than helpful compared with other supermarkets. If you have difficulty in getting around remember you can now order from Sainsburys by telephone – no computer needed.


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