Grove Estate update

It's hold-your-breath time for the old Grove Estate1.

At a meeting on 19th February, both Area 1 Committee and CAP (Redbridge's Conservation Advisory Panel), strongly recommended that Grove Park, The Avenue and the whole of the Counties Estate should be included in the area designated for Conservation status. Both opposed the sub-division of the estate as presently suggested.

The consultants accepted the logic of CAP's and Area 1 Committee's view and the crucial decision now lies with our Council planners (Cabinet Member for Planning: Cllr. Peter Goody).

All Wanstead waits in suspense. It is recognised that the area is vulnerable. If exploited, it could radically change our town.

1. The old Grove Estate area, which lies behind the High Street between Grosvenor Road and The Avenue down to Buckingham Road near the Roding, is unspoiled – so far. We think it is a pleasant area which contributes greatly to Wanstead's general charm and character. That's why the Wanstead Society, alongside The Counties Residents Association, has been pressing the Council to protect it by means of conservation measures so that it remains attractive into the future.

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