Gardening party at the Corner House

Sunday 11th October 11.00am

Corner-house The Corner House is finished (more or less) and very fine it is too!  So, the front garden is ready for the Wanstead Society to get to work on.  Considering we haven’t done anything on it for eighteen months it’s been blooming remarkably well. This is the advantage Corner-house-garden-2of cottage gardens –  they go on regardless.

We need some big shrubs to come out, and we’ll probably need professionals for that.  Does anyone know of such a firm which could do this quickly?  Also, we’ve lost our compost heap frame and leaf frame so we need new ones. If you’re a dab hand at knocking things up out of old pallets, then please get in touch. 

And the rest of us – we’ll be doing some cutting back, digging in compost and planting. Bring gloves and tools if you have them, otherwise, just bring yourself. No experience necessary – everyone welcome.

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