Eagle Pond needs our help

This summer is proving to be long, and very hot. But while we should all be able to enjoy the summer sadly, Eagle Ponds is suffering from litter overload.

Timage1he Society is seeking to work with Redbridge Council and the City of London to tidy the site and make it safe for both visitors and wildlife.

The litter that makes its way into the water also makes its way into the birds and fish with dire results. Many of us have seen Blue Planet, but this is happening ON OUR DOORSTEP.

The simple answer is for those that use the site, to simply take home their litter. However, a clean up operation is needed to get things started and that’s why we are hoping to kick one off over the summer with your help.

We have contacted the local litter pickers lead by Dan Slipper, but if you think you too could help us tidy Eagle Pond please contact Info@wansteadsociety.org.uk

2 thoughts on “Eagle Pond needs our help”

  1. Please write to the Corporation of London asking why they have neglected Eagle Pond. Ask for a clean up, clear signage not to feed the bread and giving alternatives, straw bales to absorb algae, and anything else you can think of.

    Eagle pond is designated Site of Importance for Nature Conservation ( SINCs) and therefore needs to be looked after.

  2. It’s time to step up our litter campaigns and connect the litter we pick up to the companies that supply plastic packaging. I suggest on the next litter pick that a survey of what the litter is takes place and is reported to put pressure on companies to reduce packaging & instate returnable / deposits on packaging. See The Story of Stuff website for more ideas.


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