Council Cuts – More News!

As the final date for Redbridge Council to set its budget approaches – 3rd March – some concessions are being made by the hard up Council.
It seems that early morning road sweeping between 6am and 8am will now not be cut, neither will sweeping the streets on a Sunday. This is good news indeed, and we should be thankful that this vital service has been kept.

  • However, we will still lose the following;
  • Residential Roads will only be swept once every 2 weeks, rather than every 5 days.
  • Street sweeping in smaller shopping areas is still being cut, completely.
  • Frequency of grass cutting on highway verges and amenity land reduced from 12 cuts to 10 cuts per year.
  • Dead/diseased shrubs will not be replaced and damage to grass verges will not be rectified. Summer bedding planting in South Woodford and Ilford Town Centre will stop.

Remember, we all pay 3.1% more Council Tax from 2012, but we will all be getting less for our money, so make your views known by clicking on this link:

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  1. One other way to let the council know your views is by using an e-petition facility where you can create, sign, and submit petitions on the council website ‘Redbridge i’, except that despite 75% of other London boroughs providing such a facility for their residents to engage in local democracy; Redbridge refuses to create such a facility for their residents. I wonder why?

    A petition has been set up calling on Redbridge to set up a facility for its residents on the Redbridge i website. If you would like to give more democratic engagement to Redbridge residents please support the petition. Preamble and signature facility for the petition can be found here:

    thank you for your support


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