Corner House garden working party – Sunday 3rd April

The Corner House garden working party will be regrouping this Sunday 3rd April to get on with some planting, and also tend to the flower beds on the High Street and the tree beds outside the library.

 The tree bed has already been adopted by some locals who have planted some stuff which seems to be getting along nicely.  They’ve requested some help and like the US cavalry we will gallop to assist! Well, we’ll try our best at least. 

 The working party gets together on the first Sunday of every month, always ending with coffee and something crunchy at one of our local pavement cafes. This is also the date for the Farmer’s Market which is a happy coincidence as it’s nice to have people stop and chat and it often comes as a surprise to them that the flower beds are being maintained by locals.

As usual we will be meeting at the Corner House garden (corner of Grove Park and the High Street) from 10.30am onwards. Everyone and all abilities are welcome, so please come along and give what ever help you are able to.

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