Corner House Garden – a summer update

With all the rain that has fallen this year, the garden at the Corner House really has come into its own. The mass of tall old fashioned plants have made their way right up to the wall, the bumble bees and their friends just love it all.  The star of the show this year is the cardoon, a globe artichoke, located at the back of the main border with huge silvery leaves. At 12 foot tall and with its purple flowers it has generated a lot of interest from passersby.  The insect world must be delighted, more nectar to get drunk on.

Meanwhile there are further developments at the back of the Corner House.  What used to be a somewhat disreputable looking car park in the back garden has been cleared up and we are now making a new garden there on the large raised bed that runs along the length of the old wall which probably dates from the time of the previous Georgian house.

Our first task was to deal with the bindweed, ground elder and alkanet  that have been thriving during the last few years of neglect. They’re being sorted and plants are being relocated from the front garden to colonise this part. This raised bed had no supporting wall but, thanks to the services of Gurzel who comes to help every Tuesday, we now have the ‘Great  Wall of Gurzel’ holding the earth in place. The wall has the appearance of a dry stone wall but is made with bricks salvaged from skips around Wanstead giving a patchwork look which perfectly matches the style of the garden.

We are always looking for volunteers of the green fingered variety – no gardening experience necessary. From time to time we also need help with a little DIY such as putting up trellis’, so if this is something you would like to be involved in please drop us a line.

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