Corner House Garden – 2 more volunteers needed

4086029615_7a4e3845e8_o A while ago we asked for someone who had wall building expertise to build a low wall to retain a bank against the newly exposed old wall between the Corner House and the betting shop.

Forward John Mahon who has taken on the project and has used some of the lovely old York stone slabs recycled from the back garden. The weather has not been on John’s side but the wall is now completed and jolly nice it is too!

Now we have two other jobs needing some volunteers.

We need someone to build a couple of compost frames in the back garden, using wooden pallets and chicken wire. Preferably they have a front section that can easily be removed so we can save all our garden debris to make compost and leaf mould.

We also have two water butts waiting to go into action. Two downpipes taking water from the roof must be fitted with diverters so that the water can be directed into the butts in summer and redirected into the drain in winter.

We would be very grateful if 1 or 2 people could take on these jobs. Any takers can call 020 8989 9554 and leave a message; we would be delighted to hear from you. Volunteer garden helpers are always welcome – no expertise needed.

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