Chepstow – Developers & community work together

Following on from our recent update on developments with the Chepstow estate, here is a joint statement issued by the Wanstead Society and the Counties Residents’ Association:

An important and positive precedent has been made, in that the Counties Residents’ Association [CRA] and the Wanstead Society have joined forces to meet with Telford Homes Plc to find a scheme which local residents would should find suitable for one of the most picturesque sites in Wanstead.

Chepstow, 49 Leicester Road Wanstead is a prime site, being situated in the Wanstead Grove Conservation Area; facing the playing fields on Nutter Lane, one of the oldest roads in the Borough.

The battle which Telford has had with local residents is well known. It began in April 2007, when 400 people signed a petition opposing their first planning application and reached a peak this year when two alternative schemes were rejected at a Public Inquiry.

Three planning applications and two public inquiries later, Telford and the two local Societies met to discuss the design of a fourth scheme, which would meet the requirements of the local community. This has resulted in a scheme which both the CRA and WS feel respects and ‘preserves’ the character of the Conservation Area and fits in with adjacent properties.

The main reasons why this scheme is regarded as acceptable by the two Societies are:
• Traditional design, keeping in with the character of the area
• Slight reduction in the overall size of the buildings
• Traditional design throughout the scheme
• Consistency of design across the whole scheme:
• The design facia of the houses on Gloucester Road are similar to the existing houses
• Some features of the house design facia have been copied on the three blocks of flats.
• The blocks of flats on Nutter Lane also reflect some of the features of the Roding Cottages, while continuing the line and style of existing buildings.

Therefore we shall be actively supporting this fourth planning application and lobbying Redbridge Council to approve this scheme.

Helen Zammett, Chair of the CRA says: “I hope that this level of co-operation between developers and the local community can be repeated elsewhere in the Borough and beyond. After all, if this had happened at the beginning, a lot of time, effort and money could have been saved. The way in which Telford has now listened to the concerns of residents and the conservation experts at Redbridge is to be commended.”

Geoff Horsnell of the Wanstead Society said: “It is really good to see that developers and the local community can work together for a common aim. It is just a pity that it has taken so long for such co-operation to be realised.”

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  1. What a long haul that was! We’ve had four years of meetings, letter writing, speaking at council meetings etc. Sometimes, we were less than optimistic. We did lose the old Chepstow house. We had rather hoped that that would become part of the new development but the developers were very quick to demolish it. However, together with the fantastically energetic and efficient Counties Resident’s Association and the Council’s Conservation Officer and finally coming together with the developers to discuss what would be acceptable to the residents, we made it! What a long haul! but worth it.


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