Our Plan for 2019


Fresh into the new year and the Wanstead Society has been asking its members what we can do to make Where we live a better place in 2019. The message we got from our AGM was clear; to campaign for three basic things:

  • Cleaner and greener streets
  • Better health care services
  • More policing in Wanstead

The Society is, first and foremost, a charity which seek to work with those in power to protect and improve Wanstead, Snaresbrook and Aldersbrook. Although we have some funds which we use to plant trees, maintain flower beds or fund litter picks we are clearly limited in our scope and projects. But we aim to do what we can to meet our members asks.

Cleaner and greener streets

We continue to support and fund the Wanstead Community Gardeners who do a fantastic job in maintaining lots of individual areas with native wild flowers. Without these volunteers our bio-diversity would decline even further, and we would lose precious green space. Our aim is also to ensure the Council replaces any dead, damaged or diseased street trees. These spaces may only be small but they offer vital life to bugs and bees which in turn help support native wildlife. We have invited our local Councillors to our February meeting to ask for an update on this, and discuss how we can work with the Council to protect and grow local green space in Wanstead

Better health care services

Over the last 25 years the population of Wanstead has increased, but our health care provision has gotten smaller. Wanstead Hospital has closed and we know that King Georges and Whipps Cross, while not in Wanstead, are vital to our health care and we aim to work with other groups to ensure their viability. Fortunately we have a practising nurse on our Committee who is providing ideas on how we can lobby to improve our health care provision and in November we met with Redbridge’s Cllr Neil Zammett who sits on the Councils Health Scrutiny Committee to seek ways in which we can work together to bring more NHS funding to Wanstead.

More policing in Wanstead

Since 2013 Wanstead has had no police station and although London has almost a quarter of the UK’s police force, it is no secret that police numbers have fallen across Britain. There is very little we, as an organisation, can do to improve police numbers. But we do attend regular meetings of the police and try to distribute advice they give through the Safer Neighbourhoods forums – because prevention is always better than cure. However, next year there are GLA and Mayoral elections and we will raise this issue with those seeking election. A clear message must be, we need more police and the police need more funds. This we can do through our lobbying campaigns and by organising political hustings when elections come around.


Wanstead Festival Success

Wan Fest 2018

Wan Fest 2018The sun shone brightly for our annual outing to the Wanstead Festival which helped pull in record crowds too! The festival has been going, in one form or another, since 2003 and this was our chance to meet lots of new members and experience a great community get together. We must be one of only a handful of areas within London that has their own fringe and festival. But we have a lot of local talent to showcase and this event, now in its 15th year, marks the end of a week Wanstead based activities called “the Wanstead Fringe”. Well done to everyone who took part and long may this local gem continue.


2019 Calendars fly off the shelf

Each year the Society produces a calendar with photos generously supplied by Galley 84’s Geoff Wilkinson. Each year the calendar has been sponsored by Petty Soon and Prestwich which means any profits we make are our own.

This year we took a batch to the Wanstead Festival, and promptly sold out. The new black and white images of Wanstead proved an arty success and were thank both Geoff and Petty Sons for their support.

If you would like a Wanstead Society 2019 calendar there are some still on sale in Bennet’s the Newsagent – but hurry, they are running out fast. Alternatively, please contact info@wantseadsociety.org.uk for more info.

Eagle Pond needs our help


This summer is proving to be long, and very hot. But while we should all be able to enjoy the summer sadly, Eagle Ponds is suffering from litter overload.

Timage1he Society is seeking to work with Redbridge Council and the City of London to tidy the site and make it safe for both visitors and wildlife.

The litter that makes its way into the water also makes its way into the birds and fish with dire results. Many of us have seen Blue Planet, but this is happening ON OUR DOORSTEP.

The simple answer is for those that use the site, to simply take home their litter. However, a clean up operation is needed to get things started and that’s why we are hoping to kick one off over the summer with your help.

We have contacted the local litter pickers lead by Dan Slipper, but if you think you too could help us tidy Eagle Pond please contact Info@wansteadsociety.org.uk

Wanstead Parking Consultation – Your chance to vote

The Park 4much vaulted “gold standard” parking consultation is out to residents to make their views known. Thanks to the Wanstead Society and other community groups and residents we know have a chance to make our views known.

The Council had no plans to consult the public over this proposals until we lobbied for our right to be heard. Chairman of the Society, Scott Wilding, said:

Some residents will want parking restrictions while others do not. What ever your own view, its only right that the Council at least consult and that’s what we have now. Please make your voice known. No vote. No voice”

Parking consultations have gone out to all effected roads an in early April we put out another letter to residents showing them how to complete the consultation.

If you have not received your consultation please pick up a pack in Wanstead Library or e-mail: Cllr.howard@Redbridge.gov.uk