Boris confirms Wanstead Police Station is not safe

The Wanstead Society recently asked our GLA Member Roger Evans to ask Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, whether he could confirm that Wanstead Police Station would remain open in the future. This was his answer:

No decisions have been taken in relation to the future of Wanstead police station. The MPS [Metropolitan Police Service] is reviewing the whole of the property estate to ensure its best use and identifying efficiency savings that are to be reinvested into operational policing. 

The MPS will continue to police Wanstead through Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) and other resources that are tasked to patrol as part of intelligence led policing to address Borough’s priorities.  Redbridge officers are also making themselves more publicly available through SNTs who meet with residents in local coffee shops and travel with the Local Authority mobile library.

Clearly, the current Mayor of London will not commit to the security of our station. A staffed police counter service is vital to the security and welfare of our community, and the Wanstead Society is committed to lobbying all mayoral candidates for a promise to keep our station open.

Tell the Mayor what you think

On 18th September local Councillors delivered a questionnaire from Boris Johnson. The aim was to see what potential voters in Redbridge would want from a future Mayor of London. The Wanstead Society urge all our members to fill in this questionnaire, and tell the Mayor to keep Wanstead Police Station open. The Mayor is in charge of policing in the capital. There is an election in May 2012. If we don’t tell the candidates what we want, they can’t deliver.

In the interests of balance we are asking all mayoral candidates to commit to keep Wanstead Police Station open with a staffed counter service. The others have yet to respond. When they do, we will put their response on our website.

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