Litter and fly tipping

The summer meant there were less people around, less parking and perhaps a little less litter.  There have been concerns about street cleaning schedules, or lack of them.  Fly tipping still piles up around litter bins, and the Snaresbrook Station, Woodbine Place (Wanstead Library), and Herman Hill Recycling sites.    The latter site is ‘cared for’ by the Wanstead CON group and we manage to keep on top of it.  Unless the public reports fly tipping, it doesn’t get reported.  Interesting!  No report, no fly tipping.  So that’s where YOU come in.  Please report any stray black bags, cardboard boxes or general rubbish to


Dan’s LITTER PICKS continue every other month.  The next one if Saturday, 4 November at 9.30 a.m. on George Green.  There will be a break thereafter until March 2018.  Wanstead CON group supports these picks.  Please join in.

The Second Great Litter Pick

On Saturday, 6 May, a number of residents met on George Green to litter pick.  This event is now in the calendar and will take place every other month.

Apart from the clear up, residents do chat and we hope this will raise awareness of our environment and how we need to protect it.

The next two Litter Picks are scheduled for:

  • Saturday, 1 July
  • Saturday, 2 September

Meet at 9.30 a.m. on George Green.  Bring gloves and any bags.  We do have some litter pickers to lend out.

One resident who has just returned from Kenya commented that Mombasa was cleaner than Wanstead… there is work to do!

Iris Vandenberghe


Help us to create Great Streets and Neighbourhoods

In March Redbridge commissioned a Streets Focus Group. There were 4 meetings in the Borough and some members of the Wanstead Society and the Wanstead CON Group met at Wanstead Library. It was a professional and well organized occasion with the expectations that residents and the Council could work together to make improvements in our streets and neighbourhoods. This includes street cleaning, tidy gardens and trees, as well as safe roads and volunteering opportunities.

There will be a published report which we’ll keep our eye on! Early days but it would appear that the Council is listening to residents’ concerns about a range of issues about our local environment.

Iris Vandenberghe

The Great British Spring Clean

The Great British Spring Clean up took place in March.  A number of residents met up on George Green to litter pick.  There is clearly a rise in the awareness of increased litter and dumping around Wanstead.  The litter pick was initiated by Dan Slipper and with the CON group there will hopefully be litter picks every couple of months.  The next one is scheduled for Saturday 6 May at 9.30am on George Green.  Watch this space and Wansteadium for more details.

It’s all rubbish

There has been growing concern in the Borough about fly tipping, dumping of black bags and general little. Early in the year Redbridge initiated a campaign to encourage local groups to Adopt a Recycling Site.  A small group of volunteers have joined together to form The Wanstead Society CON Group (Wanstead Society Cleanup our Neighbourhood Group).  Initially we have adopted the Herman Hill Site, near Herman Hill/High St crossroads.  The idea is to litter pick the site and report dumping to the Council.  It does not involve much work and already reports have come in about the cleaner Recycling Site.  There are however two other sites in Wanstead that need a carer!
If you are interested and feel you could get involved in our cleaner Wanstead please contact