Who needs Woolworth’s?

Andrews-stockOne of the great things about Wanstead is that we can get just about everything we need from our High Street. So when Woolworth's closed, some of our essential supplies disappeared overnight.

However, coming to our assistance as far as those little bits and
pieces that Woolies used to provide, are Andrews Builders' Merchant in
Woodbine Place and The Pet Shop.

Ricky Brown, who owns Andrews, has added some much needed household essentials to his stock; refuse sacks, light bulbs, cleaning materials, clothes airers and more.

Petshop The Pet Shop will be doing the same. Mas Beg and his doughty assistant Trevour are at this moment
rejigging the shelves to accommodate more such useful items. Trevour
tells us that they are open to suggestions and will always try to order
whatever is requested.

This is yet another example of how special it is to have our own small
shops. They are Wanstead’s equivalent of the U.S. cavalry galloping to
our assistance.

So before you jump into the car to Homebase, pop into these shops – you may be suprised to find everything you need is still right here in Wanstead.

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