A big night for Wanstead – and a date for your diary

Monday 20th July at 7.15pm, in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall, Ilford.

This is when the Council’s Regulatory Committee weighs up the plan for the site left empty by the demolition of Chepstow.


The fact is that heading for a quiet corner of Wanstead is a development of 24 dwellings. These will comprise 6 semi detached houses and 3 three-storey apartment blocks containing 16 three- bedroom flats and 2 two-bedroom flats.

Exactly where? On that corner of Leicester Road and Nutter Lane right next to the Arts and Crafts cottages which face the Nutter Lane sportsfield. Yes, it’s pretty now but its days as a beauty spot are over.

This scheme will affect all of us. More cars, more noise, more pressure on infrastructure. Nothing we can do about that – but at least let’s try to ensure that what lands on this leafy little site melds in as well as is possible with the surrounding homes.

We’re hoping our Councillors will heed public opinion and their own good judgement – and give this particular scheme the big heave-ho.

A show of residents’ faces might nudge them in the right direction, so if you can, please come along to this crucial meeting.

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