Wanstead Telephone Box – can we restore and adopt?

Can you help us save Wanstead’s grade II listed telephone box by Wanstead Station. It’s in a terrible state, but we think we can use our volunteers and money to restore the box and put it to another use. However, we have no contacts in BT who could advise us, and, as we are not a registered charity we cant physically own it.

If you have any suggestions or details please e-mail info@wansteadsociety.org.uk


tel box 1   Tel box 2

AGM Statement

Wanstead Society AGM

2020Every year since 1997 the Society has held an AGM. However, 2020 is a different year and with regret we are unable to hold a socially distanced AGM.

Although the Society has been out of action due to COVID we remain committed to protecting and enhancing Wanstead. We continue to keep an eye on planning submissions for the area, support the gardening club and take part in community litter picks. But we are sure you all understand that this has been a strange year, and we have not been able to do as much as we would have liked.

Financially we continue to be in good health. This year we have not made any profits or losses, and have asked members to have a membership holiday. We would rather you spent that extra £10 in our local shops and businesses that so desperately need our support.

We hope that, when we return to normal activities, you will be there to join us. In the mean time, please take care and stay safe.

All at the Wanstead Society.

This years membership is waved- spend your cash in the High St instead

High Steet

About now the Society would ask its members to re-new. But not this year. If you are a member from 2019-2020, we will roll it forward to 2021.

The COVID crises has affected us all, and we know that with tough times ahead, every penny counts.

That’s why we will give all our members a years free membership, if they want it.

If you would like to donate to our volunteer organisation we will be truly grateful. However, if you have any spare cash. Spend it on the High Street in one of our wonderful shops. The lockdown has been extreme for these businesses and we want to do all we can to support them. Lets shop local. Save our shops. And help the High St thrive.

Welcome 2020 and Thank You


A very happy new year to all our members, and on behalf of the Society we would like to thank all those businesses in Wanstead, their staff and suppliers that stayed open throughout the festive period.

We have a fantastic High Street full of shops, bars and restaurants. They stay open so we can enjoy our Christmas period. So from all of us, to all of the businesses in Wanstead – thank you.